How “share-worthy” is your B2B content?

New stats show pass-alongs as key to success

Most marketing teams we work with at Content4Demand (C4D) are, understandably, focusing more and more on tracking results and the impact of the content they’re creating. With budgets getting tighter, it makes perfect sense that marketers need to prioritize metrics like downloads, visits, and opens to ensure that the content they’re investing in is valuable and engaging for their target audience.

Although tracking conversion rates is a priority, we’re also regularly taking a deeper look into amplification metrics with our clients. Tracking how often a content piece is shared among colleagues and peers is a key metric that sheds light on how engaging your content is to your ideal audience.

Our sister brand, Demand Gen Report (DGR), conducted a market study that gets to the heart of what people want to consume and how they want to consume it. According to its recent 2023 Content Preferences Study, B2B buyers are starting to tune out boring and non-specific content. On the flipside, they are emphasizing what type of content they do find valuable.

Below are a few stats I found interesting to support this “share-worthy” conversation.

When asked how buyers used content while researching and decision-making over the past year, here’s how they responded: ​

71% indicated they shared content with team members to help them make decisions. 

71% also said they downloaded and consumed multiple assets themselves. 

48% of buyers said they downloaded the content their team members shared with them. 

33% found content through social media. 

When analyzing the features that were found to be the most valuable, 49% said they prefer “content [with] embedded links that make it easy to share.”

More of our clients are getting deeper into ABM and building marketing initiatives that reach and can influence the entire buying committee. But what motivates buyers to share the content they come across online? Here are some of the top responses from the DGR survey 

Content packed with shareable stats and quick-hitting insights

Content that tells a strong story and resonates with my buying committee

Ungated content that is easier to share with colleagues 

Content that helps influence peers and other internal stakeholders

At Content4Demand (C4D), we collaborate with our middle market and enterprise clients to develop content strategy that delivers on their marketing goals. Our focus is on helping them increase engagement at every stage of the buyer’s journey with compelling content that stands out. 

So, tell me, are you making any updates to your marketing content after this? Send me an email at and let me know your thoughts! 


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