Is There Life After “Death” for B2B Marketing Content?

Expiration-DateMost B2B marketers are probably familiar with the following marketing scenario: You create great content, publish it, promote it and then dump it into a virtual graveyard where it waits to be unearthed by a relentless buyer on a desperate hunt for a solution.

Is this really the most optimal path for lead generation? Could there be a way to generate new leads by resurrecting these seemingly “dead” resources? According to Hana Abaza, director of marketing at Uberflip, the answer is a resounding yes. In a recent webinar hosted by Content4Demand, she explained that the key to optimizing your resource center is to repackage existing content to create a whole new buyer experience. Abaza suggested five ways to turn your content library into fuel for your lead conversion engine: 1.    Make it Easy For Buyers – Make your content easy for buyers to find and consume on your website. It’s critical to make your library easy to browse, easy to navigate (menu structure) and easy to find (searchability). 2.    Create an Engagement Path – Abaza emphasized that the key here is to create a path that takes buyers where you want them to go. Key tactics include relevant calls to action (CTAs) and recommending similar content through links, subscription options, images or videos. 3.    Include CTAs – By making CTAs dynamic (moving them around) and contextual (tighter messaging), marketers gain a better idea of what generates more leads and, ultimately, higher conversion rates. 4.    Easy to Update & Modify – Your resource center should be owned by the marketing department, not the IT department. If you’re waiting a month – or six! – to update your content library, you’re missing out on potential leads. 5.    Track, Measure & Evaluate Performance – Content marketers need to prove ROI. With an overall marketing automation system that easily plugs in to all of your tools, you can better gauge how buyers are using your content and, most importantly, moving through your funnel.


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