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Another Cool Content Marketing Tactic: Heart-Stopping Terror

Here’s a fun Friday video to share. Hardware maker LG is looking to play up the tagline for its new line of IPS monitors: “So real, it’s scary.”
LG’s marketing team came up with an almost too-cruel prank involving unsuspecting elevator riders and a fak…

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Content Marketing Study: The More You Do, The More You Need

A recent BtoB content marketing study looked at how best-in-class B2B marketers differ from their peers. In this case, the study defined “best in class” as those investing 30% or more of their budgets in content marketing.

Here are a few of the key fi…

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Want To Succeed At Content Marketing? Rip Yourself Off!

While reviewing a recent DemandCon session on content marketing, I was reminded that good content isn’t just about creativity. It’s also about knowing when and how to rip yourself off.

Consider a typical example: A marketing organization spends severa…

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The Pros And (Maybe) Cons Of B2B Content Production Tools

Content Marketing Institute recently published a SlideShare guide to eight of the most popular content production tools. I’m familiar with some of these products (including Contently and Compendium), which others are completely new to me. Here’s a list…

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Marketers Mix It Up With Multiple Content Formats

IDG Enterprise recently announced the results of its 2012 content marketing survey. The study included about 740 responses over three weeks earlier this summer. The results are interesting, and I wanted to offer up the SlideShare presentation of the re…

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