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Yes, I’m kidding. We can’t give you free beer for participating in our second annual Content Preferences Survey. I’m pretty sure the State of New Jersey (or the IRS, or somebody with a badge) would frown upon that.NCI_Visuals_Food_Beer

What we can give you is a chance to win a VIP pass to our upcoming Content2Conversion event, which will take place in New York City on April 22-23. That’s a $495.00 value, and one lucky respondent will get it absolutely free. That’s a lot of beer.

We do a fair number of surveys over at Demand Gen Report, but this one is probably my favorite. That’s because it’s one of the best tools we have for understanding what B2B buyers really think about the content marketers are creating. Last year, for example, the study turned up findings such as:

  • The impact of LinkedIn, which more than half (53%) of the B2B executives surveyed use to share content with their colleagues;
  • The fact that an overwhelming majority (75%) of B2B buyers say solution providers need to “curb the sales messaging” in their content;
  • The growing popularity of interactive formats such as webinars, video and infographics.

This year’s survey will be even more interesting; we’ll have an opportunity to compare the results against last year’s findings and to discuss some emerging trends.

I’m sure we’ll see some results that simply confirm what everybody is already thinking about content marketing. But I guarantee that we’ll also get a surprise or two.

As always, however, we need your input (and just a few seconds of your time) to make this study as valuable as possible. Take the study, and we’ll make sure you get a copy of the results — along with a chance to join us in New York next month.

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