Video Content Marketing: Your SEO Secret Weapon

Vendor-sponsored infographics demand a critical eye. Even if the point (like all good content marketing) is to avoid pushing a specific product or service, it’s also clear that there’s an agenda being advanced.

Having said that, I think there’s a compelling message in this infographic sponsored by online video platform provider Brightcove. A couple of the advantages associated with video-focused content marketing are especially interesting:

  • Video is more than 50 times as likely than a plain text page to appear on a first page of search rankings. That’s some pretty heavy-duty SEO mojo.
  • Video can double your landing page conversion rates.

Check out the full infographic by clicking on the image below. Also keep in mind that we’ll be doing a special session on digital storytelling at our upcoming Content2Conversion event, featuring Limelight Networks’ Jason Thibeault, that will explore best practices for creating compelling video and other interactive content.



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