3 Ways to Reassess Your Digital Content Strategy

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In an uncertain time when we don’t know when we’ll see “business as usual” again, it’s more important than ever for companies to take the time to evaluate their digital strategy and see how it can help their customers in this crisis.

When you lose personal contact, your digital strategy needs to be strong. Digital or virtual contact is likely the only way your customers will have contact with you for the next little while.

If you aren’t sure where to begin in assessing your digital strategy, follow these three steps to see where your strengths are and where there are opportunities to grow.

Ask What Customers Need Right Now

Don’t underestimate the power of listening to your customers and acting based on what they’re telling you in a critical moment. This isn’t the time to guess what your customers need. Reach out and ask them. This is uncharted territory for them, too.

Ask individual customers what kind of support they need right now. Maybe they need more content on a certain subject. Maybe they need to reassess their own strategy. Maybe they need to rely on certain functionality in a product or solution you offer. Or maybe they just need help figuring out what to do tomorrow. Pick up the phone or video chat with them, and listen to what they’re telling you.

If you hear multiple customers saying the same thing,  implement their feedback in near-term content creation or outreach programs — even product and solution updates or iterations. This will help you deliver exactly what your customers need at a critical time in their business.

Watch Your Analytics

Many companies have mandated that their employees work from home. A lot of us will be spending more time on our computers and visiting different websites to do our job as we adjust to working remotely. This means you need to keep a close eye on a few kinds of analytics, such as:

  • Which web pages are getting the most traffic;
  • Which emails are getting the highest clickthrough rates;
  • Which social posts are getting the most shares; and
  • Which videos are getting the most views.

By knowing what content is working, you’ll have a better sense of the topic areas your customers want to know more about right now. Use these analytics to inform content creation plans or outreach programs. And you can update those well-performing assets with new, relevant information so you can give customers the support they need right now. 

Mind Your Tone

You’ve probably received quite a few emails over the past week in which companies are highlighting different steps they’re taking to address the COVID-19 outbreak. Some companies have done a great job tone-wise, and others are struggling.

It’s understandable; this is new territory for all of us. If you’re going to be creating content that directly addresses current events, be mindful of how you’re going to discuss it.

Use your content to tell your customers how you’re going to be there for them. What kind of assistance can you offer? What key programs will you focus on? How will you help them find solutions to new problems?

By taking a genuine, empathetic tone and approach, you offer your customers the support they need and want as they navigate an uncertain situation.

Remember who you’re ultimately trying to reach in your digital strategy: people. People ultimately make up the companies and businesses you’re trying to reach, and they’re scared and nervous about what’s happening. You may not have the answers, and that’s okay. But you have the opportunity to create genuine connections and lines of support for your customers so they know they aren’t alone. Don’t underestimate how powerful that connection can be in an uncertain time.

If your company is adjusting to working from home, check out our recent blog post for tips on being productive in a remote working environment.


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