Fast & Easy Friday: A Recap of the Week’s Top Articles & Insights

Here are the stories that grabbed our attention this week. We hope you find some inspiration before you head out to enjoy the weekend.

  • I Know Something You Don’t Know: Understanding Knowledge Gaps in Content Marketing: This is hands-down my favorite thing I read this week, and not just because it’s so flattering to dwell on how I suffer from “the curse of knowledge.” As author Taylor Holland says, we don’t know what we don’t know – and we don’t know what our audiences don’t know. And that is hurting us. Don’t flee when I tell you she turns to science for some useful answers; she clearly absorbed enough of her thesis to know that she needed to spell things out in simple terms her audience would not just understand but enjoy. Whether it’s based on a generation gap, a cultural divide, an immersion in industry jargon or another knowledge gap – which she explains with anecdotes that may make you feel too young or too old – you’ll benefit from the tips she wraps with to make sure your content is clear, readable and meaningful to your audience. Worth every second of the seven-minute read.
  • Is Your Data Fit for the AI Revolution? Marketing news is full of headlines preparing us for the artificial intelligence takeover. Sure, marketers need to plan ahead to take advantage of its mind-boggling advantages. But here, Adam Corey suggests that we first must get a handle on our data. “AI-based marketing will only be as good as the data that fuels it,” he says, “and few brands have their data in optimal shape.” This article offers broad brushstrokes about how and why most companies’ data isn’t ready to power a robust AI marketing program and ends with an illustrated example of personalization and the importance of context.
  • Seven Content Types That Will Increase Leads and Conversions: Not all marketing content formats are created equal. When it comes to amassing leads and fast-tracking conversions, some do better than others. This MarketingProfs article names what it says are the top seven proven methods to gather leads and optimize conversions. Andrew Gazdecki shares the strengths and other format-specific notes for each of the seven asset types, with tips on getting the most out of each. The formats vary from the expected blogs and infographics to contests, giveaways and personality assessments. Pick and choose the ones that best fit your strategies.
  • Do You Know Your Podcast Listener? Longtime authority on America’s television-watching habits, Nielsen has been just as interested in what we’re listening to. The firm’s new Audio Today Report tracks U.S. radio listeners in the hundreds of millions, and notes our increasing use of podcasts and other digital platforms. As growing numbers of channels are competing for our ears with music, storytelling, commentary, comedy and sports, Americans are taking notice and learning that there’s something there for everyone. At the moment, listeners skew younger, more educated and more affluent. (Check out the detailed breakdown on Nielsen’s post.) Whether you’re tracking these trends with thoughts of launching your own podcast or keeping tabs on potential marketing audiences, watch for those listenership numbers to start changing as podcasts continue to gain popularity.

What news did you run across that would interest your fellow B2B marketers? Share it in our comments section below. And have a wonderful weekend!


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