Fast & Easy Friday: A Recap of the Week’s Top Articles & Insights

Here are the stories that grabbed our attention this week. We hope you find some inspiration before you head out to enjoy the weekend.

  • User-Generated Content Can Happen in B2B Marketing Strategy: Dismissing user-generated content as an exclusively B2C tool misses the point, and this article does a wonderful job explaining not just why you should consider it, but how you can execute it while garnering valuable market intelligence. There are some eye-opening examples that any B2B brand can use for inspiration. And in the end, Kyle Harper boils user-generated content strategy down to its essence as “encouraging people to talk about or share what they find human and engaging about your brand.” Thinking of it in these terms may be all the help you need to understand how user-generated content will best tell your B2B brand story.
  • Give It Away! 3 Reasons to Create Shareable Content and Distribute It for Free: In an environment where 200 million people use ad blockers, according to Content Marketing Institute, it’s no wonder content marketing has become so cost-effective. This Entrepreneur article leads with two examples of marketers who are nailing it with free, shareable content, and goes on to describe what’s in it for you when you give your content away. Focusing on these benefits can help you overcome any lingering hesitation to give something away for free, and you can even reverse engineer your shareable content to ensure that you’re getting the highest mileage from each asset by focusing on why you’re doing what you’re doing.
  • How to Approach Your B2B Marketing Like an NFL Quarterback: As much as I bristle at the mention of football when we’re nowhere near the end of baseball season, this article has some points worth sharing. In it, Sonjoy Ganguly builds a successful analogy that can help you understand the importance of every member of your team, from the coach all the way down to the kid who brings the Gatorade. Check it out for insights on how you can lead your B2B marketing team to victory with a glorious home run—er, touchdown.
  • The 2017 Marketing Measurement & Attribution Survey Report: This brand-new Demand Gen Report survey uncovered some interesting results. Only 13% of marketers believe they are “excellent” at measuring and analyzing performance and impact. Where do you stack up against your peers? Share some basic info in exchange for access to the full report.
  • 11 Powerful Approaches to Marketing Highly Unsexy Products: I’m willing to bet that the vast majority of B2B marketers falls prey to Grass Is Greener Syndrome at least occasionally. It’s so easy to envy the people who get to market Ferraris or Mexican food. That stuff sells itself! For the rest of us, marketing presents more of a challenge. This article doesn’t mince words; each of the 11 tips is concise, and the advice is clear and brief. Implementing them might help us all bring sexy back to our own strategies… or at least reconcile ourselves to being the smart, nerdy girl in the corner.

What’s new to you in B2B marketing? Let us know what you think about the latest stories in the comments section below.



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