Fast & Easy Friday: A Recap of the Week’s Top Content Articles & Insights

As marketers, it is our due diligence to constantly challenge ourselves creatively and find new ways to improve how we plan, create and promote content. We tend to find most of our inspiration in analyst reports, weeklong conferences and educational webinars, videos or podcasts. Sometimes we even crack open a book and delve into a specific topic in great detail.

But the reality is, spending hours or days pondering new best practices isn’t really an option. We have things to do and deadlines to meet! A great alternative option is finding inspiration all around you: from your peers, cultural happenings and even apps you use in your everyday life. For this week’s Fast & Easy Friday, I did some of the work for you. Here are some fun articles that show how you can find professional inspiration in unlikely places and from unlikely sources: 

  • Take the skeletons out of this marketer’s closet: If we said we were great at our job 100% of the time, we’d be filthy liars. There are times where we fall short, don’t know something or cut corners. But the most important thing is that we learn from these experiences. In this article, Amy Duchene confesses some things she’s done in her professional life and how you can learn from them. You may even have had similar experiences as her, but the reason this article is so valuable is she offers lessons learned and ways other marketers can move forward. 
  • Tap into psychological concepts: “Schadenfreude” is when you feel happiness at the misfortune of others. It may sound cruel, but this article indicates that latching onto our buyers’ dissatisfaction or pain is actually key for us to be successful. Think about it: when we encourage our buyers to investigate their current situations and question them, or if we uncover new pain points they may not even know about, we actually end up creating more impactful content. We create an urgency for them to investigate the issue further and, potentially, find new solutions. If you’re a psychology nerd like me, you’ll find this read to be extremely interesting. 
  • Quick and easy social media hacks: It takes far more than simply regurgitating content and pre-canned posts to build a social presence and generate buzz. Sometimes you need to get down and dirty, and ask your followers to share feedback. Don’t know where to start? This article uncovers 10 different social media posts that you can start using today. The best part is they all have varying degrees of complexity. You could simply ask a question to get people engaged or you can share your feedback on the latest news or trends, and ask folks to share their feedback. These tactics can help turn your social pages into more active and fun communities, rather than billboards for your business. 
  • Content marketing lessons from Tinder: Yes, you read that right! This article is from a site focused on travel and hospitality businesses, but there are a lot of fun nuggets of wisdom that any kind of business can apply. Some of the lessons include: always personalize your interactions and always put the facts front and center. 

Have you ever found marketing inspiration in an unlikely place? We’d love to hear your story! Share it in the comments section below. 



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