The Beat Goes On: 6 Ways to Repurpose Podcasts

repurpose podcasts

B2B marketers have worked tirelessly over the past year to find new, exciting ways to engage with their audiences. With all in-person events, coffee meetings and cocktail receptions put on hold, prioritizing personal, intimate channels was key. It’s no surprise, then, that podcasts sprung to the top of marketers’ to-do lists.

Although podcasts saw a slowdown in the early stages of the pandemic, largely due to the drop in people commuting to work daily, hosts have found their footing and have seen an uptick in listens, downloads and subscribes. And the podcasting market is showing no signs of slowing down: The global podcasting market is expected to reach $41.8 billion by 2026 and is rising at a market growth of 24.6% CAGR between 2020 and 2026, according to Research and Market.

When produced consistently and thoughtfully, podcasts can build brand awareness and boost credibility for your business and even individual subject-matter experts (SMEs).

But for many marketing teams, podcasts typically mean one thing: another thing to do—and not enough time to do it. Well, I’m here to tell you that when you invest in a podcasting strategy and develop a consistent calendar, you give your team a wealth of new content and insights that you can reuse in the long term. Here are some quick ideas to repurpose podcasts:

Transcribe Podcasts for Episode Pages

You can’t expect every person who stumbles upon your podcast to listen to every episode all the way through. Sometimes, people will listen in if they know your guest well. Others will want to get a quick idea of the content to make sure it’s relevant. That’s why a lot of podcast experts recommend that you transcribe episodes, edit them and post them on episode pages. If you can, link up the transcript so people can click to be redirected to topics that are most relevant. This also helps you from an SEO perspective.

Summarize Conversations in Articles

Not everyone is going to discover your podcast series organically. Build awareness and connect people to the series by spotlighting key takeaways from your episodes in your blog or article section.

Extract a few callout quotes and “lessons” from guests and use that as a magnet to get people to listen to full episodes.

If you want to make it even easier for your audience, embed the episode audio in the blog. Retail TouchPoints does this for its Retail Remix podcast in two different ways: We curate top takeaways from the month of episodes in a blog recap and we do standalone articles featuring top retail executives and thought leaders. We can maximize reach and “air cover” for episodes by taking this approach. It also allows us to get more promotional reach for our influencers and experts who are gracious enough to take time to be on the show.

Combine Insights in Trend Assets

Every industry has a hot topic marketing teams are dying to put their unique spin on. Or there could be a big industry buzzword that you’re looking to “own” and expand upon.

Thought leadership assets focused on topical trends, predictions and disruptions are always lead magnets—especially if they’re supported (or fueled) by influencers. If you have several guests who speak to a certain topic in depth, you can easily combine and refine that content for a high-value influencer asset—whether it be an E-book, white paper or interactive experience.

Not only does this give you the power to create a new asset quickly and efficiently, it also creates a new asset that you can share with your influencers so they can promote it on their social networks. What better way to build trust and credibility than by associating with the best in the biz?

Create Audiograms for Social Promo

Audiograms combine static images, short audio clip, waveforms and text to create snackable pieces of content. Take a snippet from a podcast episode and use a platform like Audiogram or Headliner to create a concise yet impactful video teaser that will drive traffic to the full episode.

The best part is that you can share these videos across a multitude of networks, from LinkedIn to Twitter and Instagram. You can maximize reach and impact with one piece of content in a variety of places.

Syndicate Episodes on YouTube

YouTube isn’t just a warehouse for your videos. It’s a top video search engine for buyers all around the world. Create a video version of your podcast episodes to get your series in front of a new, much larger audience.

You can either create an audiogram or do a main image with closed captions. Use the video details to add more context around the series, episode and guest, and include a call-to-action link to the series to get more downloads and subscriptions.

Extract Key Quotes for Promos

We all have unique content preferences and researching behaviors. We all turn to different social networks and platforms to find information and discover content resources. That means we need to take a strategic, multi-channel approach to promoting our podcasts.

Pull key quotes from your transcripts and use a tool like Canva to create individual social images and banners for your properties. If you have a team member who can support you, even better! Creating a bundle of promotional elements around each episode helps you get the most eyes (and clicks) on your episodes—from a multitude of entry points.


Like any long-form, high-value piece of content, podcast episodes are brimming with repurposing potential. These five ideas to repurpose podcasts will help you develop a consistent, scalable strategy, so you can squeeze as much value as possible from your podcast series.

Want to discover more ways to repurpose content? Here are some savvy ways to do more with less.

Alicia Esposito

Alicia Esposito is VP of Content for Retail TouchPoints. Formerly a Senior Content Strategist for Content4Demand, she oversaw the content and editorial strategy for B2B clients in a variety of industries. She also helped company partners and clients with their content strategy and creation efforts and has a passion for crafting immersive and relevant content experiences using new approaches to storytelling, interactive formats, influencers and more. When she’s not dwelling over all things branding, messaging and content strategy, she’s spending quality time with her family, binging on Netflix or eating guacamole.


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