Three Ways to Inspire Content in a Pinch

content in a pinch

Content is critical to your marketing strategy, but there will be moments where you draw a blank. Maybe you have writer’s block. Maybe you’re crunched for time.

There are ways to create interesting, engaging assets for your readers that don’t require days or weeks of effort. Here are three ideas for getting started with creating good content in a pinch.

Curate It

Readers love lists. They’re easy to follow, they don’t take much time to read and they give readers a chance to dive deeper on a topic if they want to. We’ve also seen that lists perform well on social media. Start brainstorming what kind of lists you can create by asking yourself these questions:

  • In addition to us, who should our customers follow to stay updated on X?
  • What should they read or watch to learn more about X?
  • What behaviors do they need to adopt (or stop)?
  • What processes should they try if they want to accomplish X?

Round It Up

Round-ups are another low-effort tactic for creating content, because they draw from existing assets. They’re also great if you want to re-promote assets around certain topics, products or events. Start brainstorming potential topics for your round-up by asking: 

  • What are our top blog posts (or videos, webinars, etc.) on X?
  • What’s the most-read content on our site this week?
  • What do customers need to know about X?
  • What are the must-have tools customers need if they want to accomplish X?

Deliver Answers

Don’t underestimate how powerful it is to clearly and succinctly answer customer questions. If you get it right, you create a relationship where readers will continually seek you out as the authority on a topic. Use this opportunity to create content that highlights the frequently asked questions you hear. Start brainstorming potential topics for these Q&A types of content by asking:

  • What are the most common questions we receive about X?
  • What are the most-liked answers on our forums or website about X?
  • What are people searching for on our site when they’re looking for more information about X?
  • Can we have an internal expert answer frequently asked questions on X topic?

As you use existing content to create new assets, grab the opportunity to update that existing content with new information or links. It’s a great way to drive traffic and keep older content fresh.

As long as you can create this “content in a pinch” with a customer-first focus, you position yourself as an authority that customers will seek out as they work to achieve their goals.

Still need ideas on low-effort ways to create meaningful content? Read these tips to overcome bloggers’ block, and learn about other ways you can repurpose existing content.


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