Master Marketing: Choose the Best Content Formats

choose the best content formats

Sometimes it can feel like we’re on a content treadmill, trying every day to keep up with an increasing demand for B2B content. It’s easy to fall into a rut, tossing yet another white paper or infographic onto the pile so we can move on to the next. But that’s no way to inspire ourselves to keep going, let alone inspire our buyers to engage with our content and feel a real connection with our brands. Instead, we should choose the best content formats to tell our stories in a fresh way.

We want to help, so we created this cool Content Format Discovery Tool that can help you climb out of your rut and make a strategic decision about your next piece of content. Just click “yes” or “no” on a short series of questions, and our tool guides you to fresh options that can help you take your storytelling to the next level.

It might just be my favorite flow chart. And trust me when I tell you that I adore flow charts.

The point is, your format choices matter. Your library needs to include content in a variety of interesting formats to capture different segments of your audience. But not every story needs to be a big-rock E-book. Not every marketing message lends itself to video. When you take things like goals, word counts and content components into account, you choose the best content formats and you’re on your way to creating your next great content asset in a format that’s best equipped to make a real impact.

Looking for more ways to shake things up? Read Tonya Vinas’ recent post about rethinking PowerPoint to deliver more impactful presentations.


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