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10 Visual Social Networks You Probably Didn't Know About

This has been the year that visual social media really took flight. Given the huge success of Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram, it’s easier to understand why Facebook and Twitter don’t feel nearly as cutting-edge as they once did.
Did a little deeper, t…

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Infographic: Should You Outsource Your Marketing?

Small, fast-growing firms need a strong marketing plan – there’s no doubt about that. The question is whether it makes sense to build an in-house marketing team or to outsource the your company’s marketing operations.
We recently came across an i…

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Content Marketing And The Channel: Risk Versus Reward

Earlier this week Channel Marketer Report published a great feature looking at the impact of content on the B2B channel. It’s not surprising that channel marketers are embracing content marketing; they face the same challenges, and the same oppor…

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Why HTML5 Matters For Mobile Content Marketing

You probably know by now about Facebook’s recent email-hijacking fiasco – including widespread reports that the company’s mobile apps are deliberately overwriting users’ address-book contacts.
While that’s an extreme example of a company making a…

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Timing Your Twitter Posts To Maximize User Engagement

Buddy Media just released the results of a new social media engagement study. It discusses something many of us already knew: Users don’t necessarily engage with Twitter content during business hours.
What did surprise me, however, was just how much en…

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3 Reasons Why QR Codes Matter To B2B Content Marketers

QR codes play an increasingly important role in the B2C marketing world. According to one 2012 study, marketing use of QR code and barcode scans grew to 68% of the firms surveyed – up 15% from last year. That makes it the top mobile marketing tac…

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