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3 Reasons Why QR Codes Matter To B2B Content Marketers

QR codes play an increasingly important role in the B2C marketing world. According to one 2012 study, marketing use of QR code and barcode scans grew to 68% of the firms surveyed – up 15% from last year. That makes it the top mobile marketing tac…

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Poking Holes In Pinterest: Does A B2B Backlash Make Sense?

Is Pinterest a waste of time for B2B marketers? There’s a debate growing around this issue.
For a good example of the anti-Pinterest perspective, check out a recent post by Shanna Mallon on Shanna’s argument against B2B marketers inves…

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Is Your Marketing Process Working Hard, Or Hardly Working?

How many B2B marketing teams eat what they cook? Perhaps not as many as you’d expect.
I visit lots of company websites, including technology vendors, consulting firms, and service providers of various types. And I often register to access content that …

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